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Full wraps are very involved and required a huge amount of skill, knowledge.
Vehicle wrapping is fast becoming the best way to modify your car. From little touches to a complete colour change, wrapping your vehicle will keep your original paintwork protected from scratches and abrasions that are usually caused by general ware and tare – not only protecting the paintwork, but also the cars value!
Don’t worry if you love the colour your vehicle is already, we also offer paint protection films. This is a completely clear wrap film that is designed to protect original paintwork without changing the colour or having to re-spray or touch up.
We also offer PPF (Paint Protection Film) this is another form of wrap that comes completely clear (Matt or Gloss). PPF is the ultimate protection for your vehicle with its self-healing properties it maintains your showroom shine by protection your paintwork against stones, road debris, minor scuffs, birdlime and bug splatter. helping with cleaning and help holding the vehicles residual value if you choose to sell it.


With a lifetime guarantee and a price match promise, we will match or better any like for like quotation*
Mobile options are available for Dealership and Trade enquiries.
Window tinting adds security, privacy and protection to your car, truck or van. A thin layer of premium quality, precision engineered vinyl is applied to the inside of the windows, offering 100% UV Protection keeping your interior from fading and protecting your passengers, as well as a choice of darkness to suit your needs.
*Written quotation or email quote required to enable pricematch
Key benefits of window tinting 

– Completed in less than a couple of hours
– Maintenance free once fitted
– 100% UV Protection
– Adds anti-shatter qualities to the glass in the even of a breakage
– Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% & 80% shade options
– Reduced glare and increased privacy for better security
– Skin protection recognised by the British Skin Foundation to reduce harm from the sun
– LIFETIME Guarantee

What the law says:

Rear windows (all behind drivers seat) – Any tint permitted, no restrictions

Front door/side windows – 75% maximum allowed.

Failure to adhere to this will void your insurance and declare your vehicle unroadworthy with a possible fine and points on your license. This means that the only suitable film for front windows is practically clear, but does offer 100% UV protection.

Light Tinting

Light tinting offers two purposes - protection and styling
Clear gloss film – Designed for protection only, adding a thick layer of vinyl to the outside of the light without affecting light output or appearance, but gives peace of mind especially on some of the more expensive to replace light units – MOT LEGAL
Gloss light smoked tint film – Gloss film, which is wrapped around the outside of the light. This also offers a large amount of protection from stone chips and surface damage while remaining removable – MOT LEGAL
Perforated mesh – A black perforated vinyl, which sits on the outside of the light unit. Designed to darken the appearance and has a matte finish – MOT LEGAL

Fitted or DIY kits available from £50 per pair


Shades wraps offer marketing & branding solutions, from sign writing to web design. Our specialist team delivers quick and efficient designs and branding to maximise your business  and make you stand out from the crowds. We create unique business identities, putting your name and what you do in front of thousands of people.
We offer a complete range of services including fleet branding, sign writing, partial wraps, full wraps, printed wraps, websites, social media set up, branding & logo creation, business cards, flyers and whatever else you need to support your business. 
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